Cadbury Fife

Cadbury Fife’s extraordinary journey into the heart of deepest Congo was documented in The Philowankical Manifesto, which was where the character of Cadbury Fife was first streamed into the social consciousness.

Now, of course, Cadbury is ubiquitous as a definer of the social consciousness, on Twitter and beyond, and his days as a Metaphysical Philosopher & Double Whammy Messiah are quickly being relegated to footnote status. Still, it is true that Cadbury once tried, with arguable success, to save humankind from itself.

After returning from the Congo, Cadbury went back to his work as a detective, founding Cadbury’s Detective Agency, and set about creating a new type of detective, a new type of agency, and, ultimately, a new type of storytelling.

With Cadbury’s Detective Agency, the story, Cadbury Fife brings you a stark, sinister insight into the day to day workings of the modern detective agency, and a disturbing roller-coaster ride on the cable-car of his mind.

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