I Appear To Have Fallen In Love With The Whole World

I’m alive now,
And then I pass away,
I cry at my descent,
I cry at my passing,
Now and then I pause,
And reflect with caution,
Appalled at myself,
I pay my respects.

I carry a sack full of all the crap in the world,
Just in case I need some,
I hand out satchels in the mall,
I’m standing in snappers and crackers my shoes full of feet,
My feet full of leg going back to my head,
It’s like some incredible loop.
I’m solving the problems of millions of monkeys,
All swinging around with outmoded brains,
I’m building a rocket to go to the stars,
Some say it’s a little bit far.

And now I’m coming into the city,
In a shiny motor car,
With these cancerous cells,
I’m doing quite well,
I’m singing and I’m smoking,
I’m calling my friends and screaming “I’m coming in, I’m coming in”,
I’ve got a suit on made of cadmium,
And, of course, my asbestos top-hat,
They protect me from my vicious jibes,
And I’m hoping like hell I survive this ride.

I appear to have fallen in love with the whole world.

We’re all on a whirlybird,
We’re all on a vibe of no one cares,
I’m sailing into the city,
With a brand new cap,
In the air on golden robots,
Onboard computers all gone insane,
It’s happening man, it’s happening,
The whirlybird has gone off-course and nobody cares,
All of a sudden,
Everyone loves me,
I’m fabulous and I’m furious,
And we’re all spinning into the hub of love.

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