How I found love at the shopping mall

I fell in love with a corpse in a stairwell,
I fell into a corpse that I saw swinging,
It fell into my path of parabolic love swinging from a stairwell ceiling,
With love but not feeling I was unexpected in that well of love
For a bug diseased dummy blowing slightly,
I went out to bat for love albeit somewhat queasy,
For I struck upon the dangling body,
Raptured as it was in sheer stony cold love by a human walking by lost,
Just taking the exit from the lovelorn mall
Of love-obsessed asteroid shoppers in the shopping mall,
So intrinsically loveless they made me dizzy,
So I stumbled off into a hall of stairs going down,
Going down and locking, locking behind me with their door,
Locking me into this whole new love-locked situation with a charming lug of a boy,
From whom life had been grasped,
And replaced with an executive sock,
And a sailors knot.

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