4: A troubled woman in a dirty window

Through her Gin & Lemonade, Selia stared the evening storm down. It had begun pouring rain outside her home and she felt very wet, though outside her skin she was as dry as a bone.

Her thoughts ricocheted between acquiescence and defiance, in the face of what exactly, she did not know. It was interesting that these thoughts, while just as disturbed as most of her thoughts of recent times, were at least different. She pondered whether there was some narrative to that, or any point at all to her whole experience this afternoon at the Detective Agency.

She turned the television off and looked at the dark, cold screen. Her favorite programs were cold and dark, and this one fitted nicely into the genre. She could feel the rain pelting her windows like they were coverings on her own flesh. She poured some more Gin. Okay, she sighed… soon she would go to bed.

Selia: Soon.

For the first time in quite a while she didn’t feel entirely alone. There was a presence with her suddenly. She could not say the presence was pleasant, in fact it was disturbing and vaguely menacing… yet also, somehow, the company was welcome.

She stood up and walked her Gin to the kitchen. Draining the liquid component from the vessel, she placed it on the bench, next to a window, wherein she saw herself.

She looked disfigured, actually.

Perhaps manic or something. It struck her briefly that this was the presence she had been feeling, but she concluded instead that this was just the reflection of a troubled woman in a dirty window.

Her hair looked ridiculous.

She would have to cut it off.

Selia: [Deep breath] Okay.

Turning gruffly, she headed to the bathroom. She would have a shower, then cut off her hair. Such idiotic threads of gristle protruding from her head, they had to go.

As she walked away she wondered how the window could be so dirty in a thunderstorm.


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