12: The warm heartless shoulders of the world

And Selia returned to the night.

Spat out from the elevator system, rotating its vile cadvertisements, spat out from the lobby and its horribly sad security detail, spat out from the GloDom Tower into the night of a million darknesses.

She felt neither wrong nor right, but was instead wrapped in a warm shroud of ambiguity.

The night itself was also warm, but with a crispness to it from the earlier rain.

As she walked she thought about Mark for the first time in quite a while. Then she thought about why she hadn’t thought about him for quite a while. Well, because all her thinking had been about things related to finding him, she thought. Then she thought about some things that didn’t quite fit with that thought.

While she fought with her thoughts a pole lashed out at her angrily, which she was moderately pleased with as a distraction, but it had become disconcerting how frequently she was having pole trouble. Surprising herself, she actually kicked the thing, which naturally it found very amusing and stood there laughing at her.

Selia: Grrrr….

Anyway, she thought, those thoughts about Mark, and the guilt, could shut up now because she’d hired a Private Detective.

Cadbury Fife.

Cadbury Fife would solve the case.

Though, it was true, she hadn’t exactly talked to him about the case yet.

And it was perhaps slightly odd that he didn’t seem especially interested. But he seemed to know what was going on. Unlike Mark.

Selia: Grrrr…..

Her car slid up to her like a Lilywhite Jaguar. Which is what it was. Though she did not like the brand of car much, she adored the hood ornament - and when she drove she really preferred to think she was driving that ornament.

Inside, she tasseled with her hair a little, reflecting on how thankful she was to herself for not having cut it off as she had recently planned. Although it gets disorderly at times, it really was mostly quite useful in the manner of being beautiful. Thick, flowing and dark, it set her off nicely when on the back of her Lilywhite Jaguar.

Press, Click, Ignite.

Woman and beast slid off across the warm heartless shoulders of the world.

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