2: Please do not take a seat

The reception at Cadbury’s Detective Agency was a sordid affair, overrun with trinkets from eras that either were long past or yet to arrive.

Entering from a new direction Selia noticed that it looked like an entirely different room, an effect which did little to counteract the overwhelming sense that it was structured specifically to send its inhabitants off-kilter.

Gullet: Madam?

Cutting through the Tubular Bells, and Selia’s brief distraction with a wall mural she had not noticed before, Mr. Gullet, Cadbury Fife’s Assistant, was there to help. Sort of. It was certainly true that he did not like spurious tramps trampling around in his Reception. Also, it seemed likely from the woman’s behavior that Cadbury had something in mind for her.

Selia: [Looking briefly at Gullet, before turning away slightly startled] Erm… I need to make an appointment.

Gullet: Yes madam, for when?

Selia: How long have I been here?

Gullet: Where?

Selia: Right here, since I came out. Sorry, I got a cad, I mean tad, distracted.

Gullet: [Smirking] Yes, I entirely understand. I would say 3 minutes.

Selia: [Looking relieved] Okay, good. Make an appointment for 2 minutes from now, then.

Gullet: Very good madam. Please take a seat madam.

Gullet: [With some urgency in his voice, as Selia is heading towards a seat across the room, where she had spied what appeared to be a doll of Cadbury] Please do not take that seat madam. [She stops] That seat is too far away and if you sit there you will likely be late. I should let you know that Cadbury is a stickler with time. All time, except his own that is. For optimal promptness I would use this seat that I will place beside Cadbury’s office door.

And with that Gullet lurched fearfully out from behind his desk, wobbled in the air for a moment, and headed towards Cadbury’s office in 7/8 time. In his right hand he held an item that looked suspiciously like a bucket. He placed it on the floor next to the door and motioned for Selia to sit there. He also gave her a comb with some instructions on how to use it.

Gullet: [Pulling the bucket out from under Selia as she went to sit down] Ok, times up! Let’s go!

Gullet opened Cadbury’s door and gently pushed Selia in. He then turned to limp back to his desk, with his most common expression of simultaneous frowning and smiling. As he went he did a surprisingly nimble spinning maneuver with the bucket and briefly placed it upon his head.

Gullet: [Whispering, with bucket on head] It’s Cadbury time.

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