love pirates!

we are the love pirates
stealin’ yo love
and taking it out to sea
we bury it in a sunken grave
in a chest encrusted with barnacles
secured with rusty chains
guarded by a family of angry octopi
we mark it on our map of buried love
and laugh as we sail away

we are the love pirates
we’ve entombed your love
at the very bottom of the sea
for no special reason
other than that we are pirates
and we place our desires in storage
because we’re all about forward planning
and sacraficing today for tomorrow
and you for us

we are the love pirates
stealin’ yo ho ho love
and stashing it where no one will ever see
no one will ever know
no one will ever go there again
because we also stowed the map
to the location of the sunken chest with your love
in the bountiful bosom of a lover
then we killed her
and had her corpse walk a plank of shame
into the wriggly arms of a giant octopus
because we’re pirates
and we’re stupid

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