Just Settle For Nothing

Something is just nothing in transition,
So just settle for nothing,
For God’s sake man,
Just settle,
Nothing is quite as good as anything,
What’s your dysfunction seeking something?
It’s really a distasteful waste of time,
Such a sordid, sorry quest for a completely hollow outcome,
The filling of space with things that have form,
Shape, motion, spin, position, passion,
Why bother with passion?

Why bother with bothering, what does it matter?
Matter is just vacuum trapped in a moment of doubt,
Just settle for nothing!
For Lucifer’s sake boy,
Nothing is every bit as worthwhile as anything,
Pretty much similar to something,
All this seeking is uncouth to say the least,
The ceaseless quest to fill a void with stuff,
Only to have it collapse into itself and disappear.

Just Settle For Nothing!!


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