The Search For Ghosts In The Heavy Ant Collider

I awoke laughing, as  I usually do,

but this time because a most peculiar thought

had occurred to me

as I emerged from a dream about ghosts,

the regular kind,

this idea strutted into my brain like the walking dead back from a night on the town,

and the idea was that we haven’t found any ghosts

scientifically speaking, they are like the Higg’s Boson,

a lot of buzz, but you can’t catch one at a zoo,

and maybe this is because we keep looking for a ghost

where we think we detect the signs of a ghost,

but maybe that’s not how ghosts work,

so maybe we need to set up an experiment,

realizing that if there are ghosts of people,

there should be ghosts of ants,

so what we need is a Particle Collider

for ants,

and we kill millions and millions of ants

by smashing them into each other at high velocity,

and we watch for ant ghosts,

as the byproduct of ant death,

in a controlled scientific way,


i built the collider

and i call it the The Heavy Ant Collider,

and just to be clear: the collider is heavy, the ants are normal


all i need now is a lot of ants,

i think i need 108 trillion ants.

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