it’s not necessarily going to get better

hey, i see you’re down,
and that’s a downer, in and of itself,
in fact it’s making me sad,
and i wish it would stop,
but i’m not terribly sure that it will,
i feel so horrible and really i think that,
it’s not necessarily going to get better.

now i know that experience suggests,
that things in general improve,
but sometimes experience,
is the very beast carrying the weight that drops on you,
and melts your hopes into the concrete,
of a world that is coming to a rather dull conclusion,
so i assume sometimes experience must be thinking of something else,
when it suggests that things can only get better.

seems to me, that things have more options than that,
but, anyway, that’s not what’s important,
because i hear you don’t feel good,
and the thought of it is truly crushing me,
in fact i’m not sure my spirit can support the weight,
of this despondent news,
it’s really cramping my soul’s style, you must know,
and i do wish it would all go away,
but, i cannot be sure of anything, other than,
it’s not necessarily going to get better.

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